John Bergholz



John Bergholz has a long and diverse menu of interests. North American marsupials, bats, cats, prairie-style architecture, midwestern flora, keyboard shortcuts, wreath production, camping, cooking, writing and recording original music, trying new foods and beverages, blockchain, cycling, marathon running (he’s run four of them), anthropology and tiny origami. But the two interests that matter most at Factory are writing and Christmas trees. The former because we needed to add a writer to the team in the summer of 2019, the latter because we always put up a real tree every holiday season. Before coming to Factory, he’d worked as a writer at Magnani Continuum Marketing and The Studio For Digital Craftsmanship, both in Chicago. Before that, he’d worked seasonally selling Christmas trees. Since joining the Factory team, he’s gotten keyboard deep on every piece of business we have and helped us find the absolutely sweetest Fraser fir for our 2019 Christmas tree. Double score!

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