Tiffany Vedua



“Crafty Old Lady” is how Tiffany Vedua describes herself. We’re not sure what that means either, but we can tell you creating things is at the core of who she is. Born in Detroit, she graduated from Columbia College in Chicago where she majored in Advertising Art Direction and minored in Creative Advertising. In Chicago, she worked with Bucketfeet (which sells funky artist-designed shoes) and local nonprofits and was the graphic designer for the rockjamgroovefunk band, Mungion. She joined Factory in mid-2019 and has worked on just about everything we do. In the spare time we somehow leave her, she tutors elementary school children and looks after her pet bunny, Judy. Also, she says she can do the worm, which the internet informs our bio writer is an uncomfortable-looking dance move.

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