Downtown Royal Oak


Why is the Factory office in Downtown Royal Oak? Three reasons: One, the rent is cheaper than Downtown Birmingham. Two, the commute is shorter than Downtown Detroit. And three, it’s a great place to have an ad agency.

There’s a real vibe here. Always has been. A lot of retail shops, coffee shops, restaurants and bars, entertainment (movies, live music, stand up comedy, theater), a truly diverse mix of people who gather here for their fun and refreshment. Having our office in Downtown Royal Oak (we’re at the corner of Center and Third Streets; check us out) is definitely a draw when it comes to attracting talent.

But here’s the problem Downtown Royal Oak faces: It’s not the only game in town anymore (“town” defined as Metro Detroit). For many years, Royal Oak was at the head of the table if you wanted to go bar hopping, explore some funky retail settings, catch dinner and a movie or dinner and a concert or dinner and comedy or just enjoy the ambience of a walkable and vibrant downtown setting.

But along the way, Rochester and Ferndale and Birmingham and even communities like Clawson got their downtown acts together. And Detroit really got its downtown – and Corktown and Mexicantown and Midtown – act together.

So, it was time to remind people that whatever their recreational desire – enjoy Saturday dinner with a partner, meet clients for coffee during the week, get together with friends on the weekend to cheer on their favorite Detroit and/or Michigan teams and so on – Downtown Royal Oak always belongs on the consideration set.

Why? Because no other destination in the Detroit Metro has everything that Royal Oak has. Some have this or that, others have that or this, but only one destination in the region has this many things to do and that ways to spend time and money all in a single walkable downtown  community. And that’s Royal Oak.

So that became the spine of our messaging in what we call the Reminder campaign: Reminding people that every occasion is an occasion for Downtown Royal Oak.

Because there are so many potential occasions about which to remind people, we made many, many creative units. Six different television commercials, a dozen different radio commercials and close to 30 different “static” units (versioned for highway billboards, online banner ads and social media posts). Also a holiday campaign.

Oh, and we did all the photography ourselves. “We” being Izabela Skonieczka, Tom Parr and Kelsey Kaptur. Why? Because it’s fun and it saves money for our clients . . . making sometimes modest budgets do so much more.