First Citizens Bank


Point-of-sale. When you’re in some kind of retail environment, it’s the in-store (or on-store, when you’re outside) advertising medium. 

It’s there to sell and also help reinforce important brand themes.

Point-of-sale is an important part of the communication we create for First Citizens Bank: Posters, take ones, counter cards, drive through signage, exterior swales, sometimes even buttons and t-shirts for the branch staff to wear. Each round takes a good dose of design and production work . . . creating something that’s engaging and meaningful to the people who visit the branch, versioning all the pieces for all the hardware that needs to be filled and making it all look seamless. It takes not only a creative eye, but also a machine-like efficiency.

The Factory team brings plenty of both creative eye (courtesy Izabela Skonieczka, Shana Preuett, Tiffany Vedua) and efficiency (courtesy Rob Johnston, Michelle McMahon and Production Manager Jason Barthlow).

Below is some of the point-of-sale we’ve created for First Citizens . . . all the way back to the launch of their Forever First brand platform in the fall of 2013.