First Citizens Bank


Wealth. It’s not just something nice to have, it’s a responsibility to take care of. To protect and grow. Because the wealth you build is your guarantee against an uncertain future. For yourself, your family, your business.

That’s the thought that underpins the platform we created for First Citizens Wealth Management. We focus the message on the big questions people need to ask about their money – where are they going, how high are their aspirations – and use those themes to create a look that’s different from the run-of-the-mill “rich people being rich” stock photos so many premium financial services seem to rely on.

Instead, we’ve focused on creating a sophisticated and even inspiring visual palette that doesn’t try to exclude anyone from any walk of life. In a treatment first explored by Cheryl Addington and then refined by Izabela Skonieczka and Jason Barthlow, we use rich black and white landscape photography sourced exclusively from a pool of photographers we know. The visual notion being those landscapes and seascapes and deserts and mountains and forests are metaphors for the big questions First Citizens’ clients – and advisors – need to wrestle with. It’s an environment anyone and everyone can see themselves in.

No, it’s definitely not the same-old-same-old kind of wealth platform. But it has helped create a unique visual impression across a broad body of work . . . from brochures to business cards to invitations to direct mailers to presentation decks and more.

Besides, what does a rich person look like any more? Turns out, pretty much like everybody else.