Genesee County Parks


In 1968, the Genesee County Parks were born. In the decades since, the Parks have grown into Michigan’s most diverse county park system.

Factory had the privilege of creating a campaign to celebrate this golden anniversary. So we brought together citizens from across the Greater Flint area to talk to us – unscripted and from the heart – about what the Genesee County Parks mean to them and to the community.

Their thoughts and memories became the basis for an integrated communication campaign that brought together television and radio commercials, print and online advertising, social media posts, web content and more.

Design work on this campaign was provided by Izabela Skonieczka and Kelsey Kaptur. Special thanks go to our friends who helped us out on this campaign: Tom Parr, director; Henry B. Joy IV, cinematographer; Shane Grush, music; and the team at Ron Rose Milagro who provided final post work.