Genesee County Parks


At Factory, we have a particular philosophy about advertising destinations:

Don’t just tell people about the destination; help them feel what it’s like to be at the destination. Because if you do a good job of that, they’ll want to get more of it in person.

This radio campaign for Genesee County Parks – created in anticipation of a millage campaign that was coming up the next year – takes that philosophy and goes deep with it.

This creative features the authentic sounds of the Genesee County Parks, captured live at various properties in Michigan’s largest county park system. For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum, Mott Lake, Stepping Stone Falls, Linden County Park and the vintage Huckleberry Railroad.

How did that happen? The old fashioned way:  Hard work.

A team from Factory (Victoria Merritt, Izabela Skonieczka, Tom Parr and Jason Barthlow) took some high quality recording equipment up to those properties and spent a good chunk of time hunting down those sounds. And Tom Parr did the sound design wizardry that turned all that authentic audio into a solid foundation for the scripts.

Those scripts, BTW, were all written by Mark Lantz, who stayed comfortably indoors back at the office while the team ventured out into the hot Michigan summer and cold Michigan winter to capture this audio.

(No, we’re not going to call him a jerk right here on the Factory website, but we’re not going to call him not a jerk, either.)