Genesee County Parks


Creating a new website is a hefty undertaking. Not reskinning . . . starting over from scratch and crafting a whole new website to replace an old, outdated website. It’s a ton of work.

For this new website we created on behalf of the Genesee County Parks, we had a good partner on the technical side in the form of 3Sixty Interactive, a digital firm in Flint, Michigan, which just happens to be the seat of Genesee County.

A major park system needs a fairly robust website. That’s because it needs to get people to information about a couple dozen park properties, scores of activities and hundreds of scheduled events every year. And it needs to funnel them to digital ticket selling and reservation systems.

Our goal for this project was something clean and easy to navigate, but also informative and immersive.

We took most of the featured photography ourselves and implemented a design that tied the website much closer to the collateral and signage we’d created for the Parks.

Oh, and the maps. We created, from the ground up again, a series of maps for major park properties. With a customized, one-of-a-kind suite of icons and a signature Genesee County Parks look.

FYI, making maps is a giant pile of work. The design team loves map projects (these maps were courtesy Kelsey Kaptur and Izabela Skonieczka). Mark Lantz hates them. Because of the time suck.

But in the end, isn’t it worth all that extra work to have created something so proprietary and cool? (Mark Lantz says “No.”)



Interior Page

Interior Page

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