First Citizens Bank




The thing to know about First Citizens Bank is that it has what folks in our business might call a “high touch” culture: People focused, responsive, warm, human. Business bankers, financial advisers, branch managers, tellers, call center operators … they all put a premium on helping customers understand what they need to know about their money and how it affects their lives.

So, when it was time to restage First Citizens’ digital banking app – featuring a giant-leap-forward passel of intuitive, helpful and illuminating features – we wanted to avoid the usual gimmicks, graphics, effects and other visual clichés that too much tech advertising uses to hype what’s being sold.

Instead, we wanted to introduce the new app – Manage My Money – the First Citizens way: People focused, responsive, warm and human.

The year before, we’d launched our Pride brand campaign (with television, print, out-of-home, radio and more) featuring real First Citizens employees talking straight to camera, totally unscripted, about what they felt the brand has to offer its customers.

It occurred to us this format – real employees talking in their own words about what got them excited as actual users – could help us introduce this new app the First Citizens way. Who better to let people know what makes Manage My Money so helpful than people who make First Citizens so helpful?

So we wrangled a cross section of First Citizens people – from a teller to the vice chairman – to stand in front of the camera and share their perspectives on this new technology.

Director Jonathan Yi and the team at Alkemy-X conducted and captured the interviews. Our go-to editor, Charlene Dwyer edited the spots. John Cathel at Cathel Color did the color correction work. And the team at our Royal Oak neighbors, Ron Rose Milagro (including Russ Fitzpatrick and Christiaan Meyer), handled all the audio and post.