The college textbook business is a huge racket. At every step of the food chain.

Professors put their own books on their syllabi, so they can squeeze some extra revenue out of careers that involve working about a dozen or so hours a week (oh, the humanity!).

College bookstores pay dimes on the dollar to take back your books after you’ve gotten what you can out of reading them.

And publishers release new texts with list prices that can reach into the three figures. Also, they make sure to release frequent new editions of existing texts so they can invalidate all those used textbooks out there.

Thankfully, there’s TextbookRush. It’s part of the new world of online textbook sales, resales, rentals and buybacks. And it can save you, the student, serious dollars every semester.

You can find them at TextbookRush.com. As we say in this nifty little radio campaign – that ran on streaming platforms exclusively in college towns – it’s “The Smarter Way To Get Smart.”

Thanks to Tom Parr for composing the bass line featured throughout the campaign. And Steve Atwell at Ron Rose Milagro for the audio work.