mParks: Come Out And Play

Suppose you’re the statewide organization that speaks for over 2,000 state, county and local parks and recreation areas. What do you say to the people living in your state? If you’re in a lot of other states, you give them a lecture about how important parks are to the quality life of the blah blah blah. If you’re mParks, the Michigan Recreation & Park Association, you invite them to sample your awesome product.

That’s the spirit behind Come Out And Play, the new song created by Factory as the foundation of mParks’ new marketing effort. Recorded at Yessian Music here in Detroit, Come Out And Play is inspired by the campfire sing-alongs of days gone by . . . but given a contemporary twist with the jazz inflected vocals of Taylor Taylor, who’s a fast-rising star on the Michigan music scene.

In months to come, the song will be showing up in radio PSAs, TV PSAs, web videos and more.