Huron-Clinton Metroparks Partners with Factory for 2019 Awareness Campaign

• New marketing and communication campaign to launch in Spring 2019
• Emphasis on raising awareness and usage of the Metroparks across Southeast Michigan
• Agency founded by Pure Michigan co-creator, Mark Lantz

BRIGHTON, Mich., Nov. 5, 2018 – With 13 Metroparks covering nearly 25,000 acres, over 7.3 million annual visitors and an eye to raising its profile across Southeast Michigan, the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA) has partnered with Royal Oak advertising agency Factory Detroit Inc. to lead development and execution of a new marketing and communication campaign that will launch in 2019.

The move to retain Factory as HCMA’s official agency of record is the first step in what will be an ongoing campaign to reengage the Metroparks with residents and visitors in Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. The focus will be on raising awareness and understanding of what Metroparks has to offer across its 13 properties and driving increased usage of the system’s facilities.

“Since 1940, the Metroparks have been a cornerstone for recreation – and quality of life – in this region,” said HCMA Director Amy McMillan. “Our challenge is people don’t always understand what the Metroparks are, where they are and how all these properties fit together as a single system serving the region. It’s time to start changing that. And now we have the creative partner to make that happen.”

Factory was named agency of record following a comprehensive review process that began in June. Founded in 2013 by Mark Lantz – one of the creators of the groundbreaking Pure Michigan campaign – the agency was selected in part because of its expertise in destination branding and parks marketing. Relevant recent work includes a campaign this past spring to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Genesee County Parks and Downtown Royal Oak’s first major ad campaign, which just launched in November.

“Parks always represent the best values and intentions of a community, which gives us great stuff to work with,” said Lantz. “But we always try to remember that however wonderful the product is for a system like the Metroparks, the branding and marketing need to be every bit as good. And that’s our job. There’s a powerful story to be told and we’re excited that we get to help tell it.”

The new campaign is scheduled to launch in mid-spring 2019. The development process will include engagement of community members, Metroparks employees and other stakeholders.

“Great park systems and great communities are tied together,” added McMillan. “It’s our intention to utilize this new campaign to showcase the many ways the Metroparks are a great park system for all the people of Southeast Michigan.”